Our Story

The name Shoreline Creative was born out of our proximity to the beautiful Great Lakes, but even more so, our understanding that shorelines are dynamic, ever-evolving places in nature. To us, the shoreline — any shoreline — inspires creative change, connections to the world around us and the importance of refreshing, new ideas.

With a team of storytellers, graphic artists, marketers and all-around passionate brand advocates, Shoreline Creative has deep roots in the publishing industry. Like a shoreline, our business is dynamic and has changed over time.

More than 40 years ago, we entered the market as Shoreline Creations, with expertise in crafting visitor guides, brochures and promotional materials — from concept to fruition. Nearly a decade later with nationwide reach and appeal, we expanded into the niche B2B group travel industry by producing magazines for the savvy group tour planner. We took on a new identity, Group Tour Media, and became a leader in group travel and youth travel sectors.

Success in the B2B realm afforded us opportunities to branch into consumer media and custom publishing. New titles were added to our portfolio, including Michigan-local and regional magazines like Urban St. and The Pike, all with their own brands and digital identities.

We’ve grown a lot in the past four decades. Today, we’re poised and ready to be your brand ambassador.